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Sunday, 25 October 2015

Treading all over the place..

Day 26 OctPoWriMo - Today's Prompt "loop poetry" .. I tried this in my write along with prompt sentence "Tiptoeing around the..." also using the Photo :)

OctPoWriMo Picture Prompt

Tiptoeing around the garden
Searching for new grass flowers
Garden covered with fresh puddles
Flowers emitting profound fragrance
Puddles dancing in sunshine
Fragrance finding significance
Sunshine’s with all its valor

Tiptoeing around the kitchen
Sniffing freshly baked bread
Kitchen full of delicious aroma
Bread pouting and inviting
Aroma filling the senses
Inviting new celebrations
Sensing the festivity .


©Copyright Deeप्ती


  1. Freshly baked bread is a slice of Heaven on Earth. ;-)
    You did a great job with this. I thought it was kind of a tricky form, but not too much so.
    I do think she's dressed a little fancy to be baking bread, though!

    1. haha You are right Sadie.. She indeed is over dressed while baking bread.. truthfully i loved the photo hence it is here.

  2. Arey wah! You followed the prompt to perfection..:)

  3. baking bread? That reminds me of the other day ;)

  4. joyful spirits carried in your poem,
    masterful delivery.

  5. Mmmm. I can taste and smell that bread. Wonderful.