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Thursday, 19 December 2019

STORY - Life Lesson

Enveloped in my own world I was walking on the sandy pastures of that huge field. A room full of swirling thoughts stirring inside my head. 
For some unknown reason today the sky was full of eagles. But, that did not hinder me from walking away from my home. Somehow as always, I managed to get my foot hooked onto something and with a loud thud I fell down. 

It was a nasty fall as I was able to taste metal. Yes! There was blood in my mouth, my tongue got a cut. 
"Good for me! Maybe this was the punishment I deserved for all the thoughts I was having. For what? Is it worth polluting my mind with such petty things. The world is full of many other important things to think about" 
I had zillion things buzzing inside my head all at one go and meanwhile my hand was busy tugging at a small flag poking out of the ground. 

'What is this flag doing in the middle of nowhere?' By now my eyes and focus shifted to a small bright orange flag mocking at me secured deeply in the sand near a small bush. "Ah! so this is the reason which made me see stars on this bright sunny day." Angrily i started digging around the flag to pull it out. 

Surprisingly! the more I tried to pull it out the more deeper it felt. After working for sometime I managed to pull it out. 'Wait!  What is that bottle tied to it?' with a child like curiosity, my mind started thinking about the Genie in a bottle. Sheepishly grinning, without wasting another moment I opened its cap, waiting for a genie to appear. 

Well! Genies and fairies are merely fairy-tales. Aren't they? Along with some dry sand pop came a piece of paper from inside. 
'Ah! so this must be some message from heaven for me.' my childish mind was not ready to accept any kind of defeat.

I quickly opened it and read what was written. And for a moment I found everything spin around me and my face was smeared with saline all at once. There were only five words written "Come Home! I LOVE YOU" they were written for whom or when did not matter. Right now those words meant a lot to me. Yes! they were sent from Heaven for me.

Laughing and crying I turned and rushed back HOME.

©Copyright Deeप्ती

Thursday, 7 November 2019


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Nature wept and the wind whispered truth
The venomous haze around the skyscrapers
Choked the insides of every soul

Taking refuge behind the thick cover


©Copyright Deeप्ती

Thursday, 12 September 2019

Short Story - Fearless

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She approached the unfamiliar door and nervously took the key from her pocket. She took a deep breath, unlocked the door, paused, and then opened it. To her horror she saw a man lying in a pool of blood and a dog sitting along silently.

Suddenly on hearing her footsteps the man jumped in a sitting position. She was too shocked and numb to understand what her eyes were seeing. She felt dizzy and the whole world swirled and everything went black.

She opened her eyes to two pair of eyes right above her head – one of a worried dog and other nervously looking at her. And then his curved lips took the shape of the biggest grin.

“Why did you left this envelop on my doorstep with your house key and a note saying you are committing suicide?” She asked in anger “and what was that pool of blood on the floor, you were lying in?

“I am so sorry but the moment when I overheard you talking to your friend that there is nothing in this world that can frighten you, I thought let me check. Seriously, it is only red ink which I had bought for this trick. I saw you approaching my home and hence my play started. By the way, I am Josh and I am a storyteller and a theatre artist. And you are?”


©Copyright Deeप्ती

Wednesday, 21 August 2019


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Mysterious door creeks open
What lies ahead?
Is it life waiting for
Or some Deathly Hallows!

©Copyright Deeप्ती

Tuesday, 20 August 2019

The Intelligent Wolf

Champakvan was an extremely beautiful jungle . It was blessed in abundance with the gift of nature full of flowers, trees, birds and animals. Tiny Squirrels jumped up and down, naughty monkeys painted their face red and scared the little birds on trees then laughing and rolling on the branches . Itsy Bitsy spider weaved an intricate web with utter patience . Deers and wild horses galloped all around the bushy vegetation.

Mighty Lion roared and ran after the herds of wild boars smiling and thinking "Ahaa what a lovely meal I am going to have today " slurrp . The thought did not even end and he screamed in agony "Oh mother..." sharp long thorn pierced through his paw making him limp. he started crying like a baby and tried hard to remove the thorn. But Alas! thorn has found a comfortable place and rested there hidden beneath the nail.

Limping with one feet he went back to his cave to rest. The whole night passed with grumbles from his stomach . He was very hungry now. He started having hallucinations of warm fresh juiciest flesh all around him and its aroma was making him hungrier . Suddenly he woke up and found himself in a cave all the more - hungry.

"How can that red faced monkey or that rabbit or that deer relish those fruits and bushes. yuck. I can only think of warm, blood dripping, soft flesh under my teeth satiating my hunger." Growl.. His stomach rumbled again.

"Now I must go out in search of food . Maybe if I am lucky I might be able to catch an injured animal" thought the lion. And lo he limped and limped towards the forest . He went here and there , searching for an animal but Alas!! no where he could find any animal. "Oh! it seems like an unlucky day for me . No food anywhere not even a dead animal in sight ." he walked and walked deep into the jungle and he found himself standing beside a small cave.

"Ahaa ! it seems like a home to an animal . I am in good luck finally, let me go inside and check." so, he went inside but it was empty. "It seems as if some animal do stay here. It seems like that animal has gone out in search of his food. Let him return and then he will be my food. Ha ha haa haaa"
he hid behind a small rock inside the cave and was waiting impatiently for the owner to return.

That cave was indeed a home to a wolf. He was a clever , intelligent and a vigilant wolf. He used to go out every morning and play around . Running after petty rabbits and Squirrels playfully and sometime simply grab them and gobble down his tummy and when the sun sets he would return to his cave. That day also when he returned he noticed footprints of a large animal going inside the hut, He immediately got skeptical and tried to devise a plan to know if his fears are true or not. Suddenly an idea hit his head like an arrow piercing an apple.

He shouted from outside "O dear Cave ! how are you today ?" cave did not answered back. How could it? after all that was merely a cave.
Lion was waiting breathlessly .

Wolf shouted again " What happened My dear Cave ! why are you not speaking to me. Have you forgotten your promise ?"

Now this felt like news to the lion "what is he saying ? Can this cave really speak ? world has progressed so much ? I had been living in old age it seems . Now the world has advanced and the caves had started speaking." Lion was thinking all this when he heard the wolf again

"My Dear Cave it seems as if you have lost your manners. We had decided long ago that you will always call me in whenever I return. Since today you don't want me to come inside I am going for good . Bye Bye dear Cave"

 Hearing this the lion got alarmed that his food is about to go . Without thinking twice he sprang up on his feet and shouted " O my dear wolf please come inside. I have been waiting for you so long that I fell asleep. Sorry for not calling you before "

Hearing this wolf got the confirmation that his instincts were right . There is indeed someone waiting for him inside. And he ran away saving his life and laughing after all with his sharp brain and wit he was able to fool a Lion.

And the foolish lion kept waiting for his food to come inside making him hungrier by each passing moment.

©Copyright Deeप्ती

Thursday, 27 June 2019

Short Story - Hope

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With tears streaming down my eyes I ran and ran and ran as fast as I can...

Where ever my foot took me I obediently followed..

My world has crashed and I see no hope to live ...

My feet turned once again from that alley towards the sand.. where the mighty sea awaits me.

Suddenly my feet had no strength to move further as then my eyes were mesmerized with the beauty of

The sky..

The sea..

The colours ..

The Hope...

I could see it all, right in front of me.. That lonely boat right up in the sea gave me a sense if fulfillment. Ahaa ! I am alive ..

I have eyes to see the beauty around ..

I have a soul to feel the warmth ..

I am Blessed..

There at the beach I sat and expected the sun to arise again.!!

~ 4th June 2019 ~

©Copyright Deeप्ती