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Saturday, 31 October 2020


Pencil on Paper - Deepti Agrawal

Faint shadow

Of doubt peeks from window

Ignoring all qualms smiled quietly



Darkness with feeble glow

Finding inner peace to the deep core



Slowly sets inside me

It’s time for worthy celebrations


Shinny light

Peeks outside the window

Illuminating the arena…!


©Copyright Deeप्ती

Participating in OctPoWriMo 2020 on Day 31 with Word Prompts - Worthy, Embrace, Light, Dark, Shadow, Imperfections, Warrior .
Using today's format prompt of Parallelogram de Crystalline is a poetry form created by Karan Naidu. This form consists of 4 verses of 3 lines each. The syllable count for each stanza is 3, 6, 9. In this style of poem, the beauty of a lover is compared with the nature and described... We were asked Instead to write of the light, dark, and shadow compared to nature or to each other.

Friday, 30 October 2020

I am.....

Pencil Shading by Deepti Agrawal

I am.....

Floating on a sea shell

Braving the wild violent waves

Reached the shore with grace


I am.....

Dew drop resting on a petal

Crooked branch holds still

Shines valiantly with the sun rays


I am.....

A smile on an innocent face

Funny gestures I do make

Emitting peace all around


I am.....

A bicycle on a curvy road

With the soft wind on face

Content heart and peaceful soul


 ©Copyright Deeप्ती

Participating in OctPoWriMo 2020 it's Day 30 just one day more.. Along with satisfaction to reach here I am feeling a bit low as this years beautiful journey of October is about to end. Looking forward for 2021 already. I went with few words from the Word Prompt (Wild, spontaneous, bent, funny, crooked, weird, curvy)

Thursday, 29 October 2020


Campos de Jordaon, Brazil 2013


Walking hand in hand

On a life’s footpath

Like a wanderer in the strange realms

In search of wisdom and truth

Side by side on the sacred path


~travelling like a vagabond~


Carefree in nature and habits

Poles apart yet so near

Like the solitary railroad

Running and running never merging

Living a nomadic life.


 ©Copyright Deeप्ती

Participating in OctPoWriMo 2020 with Word Prompts ( Traveling, vagabond, nomadic, wanderer)

and the Poetry Format as Puente  a poem created by James Rasmusson, and is somewhat similar to the Diamante. Like the Diamante, you start with one aspect of a topic or issue and then, line by line, work toward another aspect. In the center is a line that bridges the two aspects together.

The form has three stanzas with the first and third having an equal number of lines and the middle stanza having only one line which acts as a bridge (puente) between the first and third stanza. The first and third stanzas convey a related but different element or feeling, as though they were two adjacent territories. The number of lines in the first and third stanza is the writer’s choice as is the choice of whether to write it in free verse or rhyme.

The center line is delineated by a tilde (~) and has ‘double duty’. It functions as the ending for the last line of the first stanza AND as the beginning for the first line of the third stanza. It shares ownership with these two lines and consequently bridges the first and third stanzas

Wednesday, 28 October 2020


Painting made by Khushboo

She buzzed and buzzed

And hopped from one flower to another

With a quick stride enters the door

Through a little keyhole

After roaming inside the room

Lusting over the plastic flowers

Realization hit her head

Nothing tastes better than fresh

I opened the door for her to go

She buzzed and buzzed

And rested on the glass door

Watching and dreaming

Of all the natural flowers and fruits

Smiling and inviting from outside

She did not found the way to go

Door was opened, Yet, her brain not

Wide open door was out of her thought

Searching for the same keyhole

She collapsed on the door.


Don’t be a fool

Learn lessons from that dupe

Choices are yours and decisions to take

This world and this body is a mirage

Locked inside a life’s room

Whereas the garden outside

Is the life beyond our Birth

Do not keep looking for the keyholes

The door is opened

Have courage to step out of that door

Break the chains break the shackles

Believe in your soul make journey inwards

Walk the path and listen to its voices.



©Copyright Deeप्ती

Participating in OctPoWriMo 2020 with word prompts Journey, Path, Trail, Decision, Choices.
I chose Fable Format - A fable is a poetic story composed in verse or prose with a moral summed up at the end.  Usually using animals as ‘characters’ to teach a valuable lesson.

Tuesday, 27 October 2020


Picture from Net

Remembering the childhood memories

With special meaning to every custom

Recalling, fondly long gone ancestors

Paying our respect and bowing to their legacy

Rich magic weaves around our persona

Between the Heaven and the Earth

Holy days mark their presence

With treats and festivities

Embracing the long trail of traditions

Richly engraved in our souls


May the love of our lineage

Blesses us forever

Keeping us secure


  ©Copyright Deeप्ती

Participating in OctPoWriMo 2020 with the Word Prompts Magic, Holidays/Holy Days , Ancestors, childhood, special, veil, between, Midnight

Monday, 26 October 2020

I know...!

Oh! You dreamer!
Comeback in this world
Do not aspire to fly high
Sky is for birds.

Sky is for birds??
Then why do I feel like
Floating high in the sky
About to reach the sun?

Oh! You nutcase!
You are a small girl
Do not talk as a monk
This world is a place to live.

This world??
Then what is that space above
I know I can touch it
I know where I belong.

Oh! You filthy girl
We are born of sin
Do not think of yourself as pure
Nothing is pure.

Really? Is nothing pure?
Then why do I feel pure
This body is not 'Me'
For that I am sure.

I am a dreamer
I know who am I 
I am a pure soul
I am everything.
Participating in OctPoWriMo 2020

Sunday, 25 October 2020

Magical beliefs

Wavering thoughts caught in a web of words
Floating dreams dance on the blank sheet
Holistic breath cools the sparkling ink
Magic shimmers weaving rainbows
Festivities begins amidst the worldly chaos
Igniting positivity and strengthening
Beliefs deep embeded 
Purifying the deeds.

©Copyright Deeप्ती

Participating in OctPoWriMo 2020.. and it's Day 25 .