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Tuesday, 8 March 2022


Silent waves crashed on the shore
Crying inconsolably
No one was there to wipe the tears
It was assumed that the saline is it's nature
None cared for her  feelings
With bated breath and deafining silence
She wept her heart out on the shore
Sea shells scattered as her solidified emotions 
Scratched the rocks heart with her nails
Rocks do not budge at her temper
Rocks do not melt with her cries
She was left on her own to die a silent death


Tuesday, 28 September 2021


She meandered on the footpath
Smiling and dancing
Her feet moved in a rhythm
Throwing some Stolen glances 

His heart melted with ease
Blood drummed a different beat 
Hurried steps in her direction
Magnetic pull was observed

With a poof she vanished
Only her fragrance lingered
She was nothing of real
An illusion his mind created.
© Deeप्ती

Monday, 20 September 2021

College Reunion

Reunion with the batchmates. Really ?? It's been so long I have been in touch with any of my batchmates, ever since I shifted to Canada. How did you found me? Whatever it's my pleasure to relive the memories. College days were the best for sure " Sudhir excitedly said all this in one breath.

His friend, Rohan from college days had called him up. Sudhir had been so engrossed in his working environment that he left behind everyone. He lost contact with his family then how come he could have been in touch with his batchmates.

Rohan and Sudhir were inseparable during college days. They were known as 'Jai-Veeru' popular characters of Hindi Film. With time things changed, Sudhir went seperate ways in search of job he landed in Canada and within a year or two he found himself distant from his motherland and people.

He bought a house and got married to an intelligent Indian girl who was working in his office. He was happy in his own sweet world away from his country. He even got permanent citizenship there and broke all ties from India.

Rohan his best friend stayed grounded in his hometown. He had his own business to take care off. He often remembered his college days, whenever he met his batchmates in the city. He was social and kept on organizing get together for his friends.

But this year was different as it was silver jubilee reunion function of their batch which was organized in college itself. He was missing his friend Sudhir a lot and that was when he searched for him.

In this technology era it was not difficult to find his friend. He got his number and dialled him for the invitation.

Sudhir, immidiately agreed and booked his tickets. "I am going Home." He thought. 
Even though he was the citizen of Canada his friends phone call reminded him, he still belongs to his own motherland.

I can't leave you

My values and my virtues
You are me
You shaped me the way I am
Forever grateful to you
My emotions and my feelings
You are part of me
Helping me cope with tough times
I can never leave you
O Krishna help me stand
By myself
Help me not to fall for 
Unwanted desires
Let ne hold onto you
To be truthful to me.

Painter of the Universe

O supreme painter
Of the Universe
I bow to thee
On a rainy night
You appeared
To spread the light
Of right
O My Krishna!
You are my mentor
And I bow to thee!


Soul In Ruins

On the vestibule of my mind's ruins
I sit and contemplate
Looking back at the drowned emotions
I weep for the lost times
I see my shattered soul in ruins
From birth after birth
I seek solace in His lotus feet

Warmth of Summer

It was a beautiful summer morning. The pregnant Clouds hovered above making the birds and earth smile, all ready to welcome the cool soothing showers.

Manisha was sitting on her garden swing watching the little squirrels pecking at the grains she had scattered a while ago. 

Her blue tooth speaker was playing her favourite playlist. She was smiling and happy as she received a call from her husband yesterday that he was coming today on a short visit.

Manoj, her husband has been serving the country, even before they got married. She got attracted towards his uniform and his personality. He was a kind, compassionate being with an ever smiling face.

She melted in his gaze and fell for him on their first meeting. Soon they got married and he went on to serve his country as that was his first duty.

Today after eight months he is returning home. She was on cloud nine and planted a quick kiss to her loving plants and rushed inside. She has loads of work to do, he will be hone soon.

This summer is spreading its warmth of love. Summers are so beautiful she thought and smiled herself.