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Monday, 19 October 2015

Old Bench

Day 19- OctPoWriMo 2015

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I was blessed to hear their
Sweet innocent gibberish nothings
They adorned me with
Buckets full of garden earth
I was freshly painted then
Full of life and valour

I was proud to witness their
First acquitted zealous kiss
They promised a lifetime forever
With love and passion
I was young then
Full of energy and vibrant

I was emotional to see them
Exchanging vows under the tree
Assurances for togetherness
Building faith and affection
I was aging gracefully
With fearlessness

I was thrilled to know their blossoms
Twins were they
Exact replica of their mother
Jovial as their blood relation
I was getting old
Yet I was as alive as I could be

I was elated to feel them growing
Soon standing tall
As handsome as they could be
Now showing more traces of their father
I was happy
To see my family growing

I was greeting the old couple after long
They seem drained of life
Their kids with family of their own
Had discarded them out of their lives
I am one with them old,
Exhausted and secluded.


©Copyright Deeप्ती

OctPoWriMo 2015


  1. Perfect portrayal of the passage of time!

  2. Poignant and true. The world needs more compassion in these hours of strife.

    1. Yes Sunita ..all the time this particular thought hurts me a lot.

  3. I just love the progression of this, falling like leaves. Mournful.

  4. That's sad, but beautifully penned.:)

    1. hmm .. kaash hum sab actually samjh paate iss dard ko.

  5. I love this. This is beautifully evocative.

  6. A sad tale so well told, great write.