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Wednesday, 28 October 2015


Day 28 - This post is on Biggest Indian Festival 'Diwali' which is round the corner. Festivity has already begun . Goddess Laxmi (God of Wealth) and Lord Ganesha (God who blesses us on the start of every new work ). Thorough cleaning of houses are done.. New clothes are purchased .. sweets are prepared.. Rangoli (dried colourful sand patterns) are made on floor. Entrances are decorated with marigold garlands etc etc.. 
This is just the shortest summary of this great beautiful festival of Lights, which is celebrated in honor of Lord Ram who won the war with Demon Ravan (war of good over Evil).

Diwali celebration at home 

Sweet "Gujiya"

It’s that time of the year again
Dust laden corners
Are dusted and brushed
Empty cans find new entrants
Kitchen emits aromatic fragrance
Mommies prepare delicacies
Crunchy crispy sweets
Fills little tummies

Floors sparkle with mirror like shine
Elegant ‘Rangoli‘ adorns the corners
Scented candle illuminates the space
Marigold and mango leaves unite
Ornamenting the entrances
Tingling Bangles shimmering dresses
Henna beautifies the palm
Elated faces greet each other

It’s that time of the year again
When temples chime with
Tingling bells and
Reverberates sacred hymns
Welcoming the deities
Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesha
Marking the Beginning of a
New Year… Blessings!!!


©Copyright Deeप्ती

Rangoli Image from net


  1. Oh wow thank you for sharing! What a beautiful festival and your poem was an invitation


    1. You are most welcome Amber .. Anytime you are in India we will make it festive for you.

  2. Aah! One of my favourite festivals. Lovely images evoked by your write. Dee :)

    1. Thanks Sunita.. I tried to bring in the essence of this festival.. N yes its my favourite too.. minus the crackers.. m afraid of them..

  3. Won't be here for Diwali, but will come to meet you. :)

    1. Happy Diwali to you in advance.. you are welcome anytime dear.. Hum jab mile tab hi diwali hai :P

  4. Happy Diwali. I would love to be at that ceremony with all the colour scents and offerings Hindus have wonderful ceremonies and know how to enjoy themselves.

    1. Happy Diwali to you too Cressida.. We all have different cultures and all have wonderful festive celebrations . You are most welcome to be part of our festive ceremonies .. Please do visit and be part of our festivals.

  5. You really brought it to life for us!