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Thursday, 11 August 2016

Pursuit of belonging

Wandering on the green pastures
Beseeching a ground for

Me A Vagabond
Cycling and steering
Searching for
My piece of cloud
Under which I rest
And I reside

Me A Vagabond
Jogging and running
Looking for
Fresh scent of rain
Indulging in, I breathe
And feel alive

Wandering around the green pastures
Searching for a place


©Copyright Deeप्ती

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Monday, 8 August 2016

O’My Love!

Beaming clouds smile
With flowing fragrance
Dancing greens splurge 
In fluttering aromatic waves

Shall we dance to the tune
Weaving intricate patterns
On the vast canvass above
Submitting ourselves

Dandelions smiled
Soothing the nerves
Sheltering the dew
Singing vivacious melodies

O’ Dear! Shall we succumb
Our deepest thoughts
To the wild to be free
Mingling into the oblivion?

Soft raindrops kiss the earth
Sweet chirping reverberates
Silent River bows down
Gloried sun winks

Shall we sing to the melody
Tuning to the lyrical mind
Whistling grass joins in
Humming with the wind

Whispering meadows spin
Swirling leaves twirl
Each petals yearns
For The blissful furl

O’ sweet Love let us sway
With the rhythm
Uniting in the galore
Of motion and passion

Graceful river curves
Melting with the flow
Fragrant blooms celebrate
Spreading heavenly peace

My Love it’s time to yield
Hold on to my soul
Blend in the petrichor
Let us walk to the moon.


©Copyright Deeप्ती

Thursday, 4 August 2016

तीज का त्यौहार

सावन में झूला झूलें 
गायें मस्त मल्हार 
माटी की सोंधी खुशबु 
पकवानों की भरमार 
आयो रे आयो 
तीज का त्यौहार 

©Copyright Deeप्ती

Happy Rakshabandhan!

Ayushi Art'15

From   the spools  of
Let the bond of love
Beautiful patterns of
Knitting the threads
Bridging the distance

Happy Rakshabandhan!

©Copyright Deeप्ती

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Pensive Dance of Stars

Iberapura Park, Sao Paulo 2012

Stars dance with the ripples
Shining shimmering diamonds
Captures the eye

Floating lamps flicker
Scattering the light
On the river bed

Heaving water breathes
Heavenly scent
Illuminating the arena


©Copyright Deeप्ती

Monday, 1 August 2016

Patience pays…!!

Hooked to the Rainbow
Chasing the thoughts
Holding on to the pillar
Of fading dreams
To paint the sky
With carefully chosen colours
Gathered in the dew drops
Of the flowers around
Bridging the feelings
From soul to heart
Sketching with patience
The promising Life.


©Copyright Deeप्ती