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Friday, 2 October 2015

Love Story

Day 2 - OctPoWriMo
A Conversation between Fever and a Patient.

“It seems as if you are falling in love with me once again”

“What rubbish! How can you be so sure”

“The look of your smouldering eyes
Burning with jumbled emotions
Heart galloping on vast emerald arenas
Through your moans with every touch “

“I despise you. Leave me alone”

“Oh! Please embrace me
Want to stay with you forever
Will envelop you with myself
And stay until end.”

“I know you will take me to my end
That is why I will take my medicine
And free myself from your
Dreadful clutches”

©Copyright Deeप्ती

OctPoWriMo 2015


  1. What an intriguing take. I like the perspective of this. Well done.

  2. I love how you've written this.

    My link is on the prompt page.

    1. thanks Lori..
      will surely have a look at yours

  3. Hahahahahaha...What a take on the prompt :D Loved it, Dee :)

    1. Thanx Sunita.. I am actually gripped by viral since few days.. hence it came.. :)

  4. I love this:
    "Heart galloping on vast emerald arenas
    Through your moans"

  5. What a fantastic metaphor! I can remember a particularly dreadful bout of food poisoning after a Valentine's day dinner three years ago. Luckily for my wife, she didn't have the salmon or she'd have been sick as well. The tartar sauce may have been left out. In any case, I spent a very miserable 24 hours thereafter, and after reading this fabulous poem, I can just imagine the fever saying to me "You're mine, Seth! Feel the heat of my embrace!"
    "No, you foul demon!" I groaned in return. "I'm a married man! Take your hot hands off me!"
    Having a fever of 103 is nowhere near as sexy as the Foreigner song makes it sound!
    Thank you for stopping by at