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Thursday, 30 April 2015

अपनों की याद

न जाने क्यूँ
आज फिर अतीत के झुरमुट से
कुछ अधपकी सी यादें
आँखों के रास्ते उत्तर आई हैं

शायद तेज़ हवा ने अतीत के पन्ने उड़ाए हैं

अभी कुछ देर पहले तो
सब साफ खिला खिला सा था
अभी अचानक क्यूँ
धुंधला सा गया है

शायद कारण आँखों में उतरी नमी है

वो निष्छल प्रेम बहाते नयन
उन थपेड़ों से झूझते कदमो
को होले से थाम लेना
आज क्यूँ खो सा गया है

शायद वक़्त अब वो रहा ही नहीं है

हर अल्हड मांग को
हँस कर पूरा कर देना
ज़माने के तीखे वारों से
ख़ामोशी से बचा लेना

शायद अब सिर्फ तस्वीर और उसपर टंगा हार ही हक़ीक़त है।


Deeप्ती (Copyright all rights reserved)

Wednesday, 29 April 2015


When the heaven pour down
Cleansing every nook and corner
Vaporizing the afflictions
Spreading warmth all around
Sun reaches its Zenith
Revitalizing all around.

Deeप्ती (Copyright all rights reserved)

Note :-Hooray to all of us who managed to complete the challenge and also to all who participated and missed few Alphabets.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015


The smile I wear
thinking about you...

The sensation I feel
dreaming about you..

The warmth I embrace
holding you close..

The tingling that runs
down my spine..

The various emotions
I travel through..

The strength I receive
in knowledge of you around..

The meaning I now
get out of my life..

Deeप्ती (Copyright all rights reserved)

Monday, 27 April 2015


Harmonious little xylophone
Purifies the backgrounds
Perplexes the surrounding

Deeप्ती (Copyright all rights reserved)

Sunday, 26 April 2015


Wish I could be a Tree
and feels the Earth beneath
spreading my branches free
giving shelter to all thee.

Birds make their nest
when tired, come to rest.
As green as I could be
standing calm, all by me.

Wind blows
spreading my flowers
all over the road.

When I bear fruits
feels myself so cute
Atmosphere near me
fills with sweet fragrance
tiny little hands
all come for a chance
birds and bees fills me
chirping and jumping
all over me.

Oh! What a wish
I just had
Wish, my wish to come true
and make me all glad.

Deeप्ती (Copyright all rights reserved)

Friday, 24 April 2015


Thick white clouds on
a solitary morning
settled on the garden-bench
leaving it misty and wet
for a long long time.

engulfing vacant calmness
was smeared on the trees.
Purple, White, Yellow flowers
laced with the cold dew
look crumpled under the sun.

early buds of the grass
strewn on the brown flower bed
were crushed by
the hurried footsteps
of no significant destination.

baby sparrows and squirrel
quarrel over a tiny piece
of grain resting on the
windowsill for long,
all drenched in the night-rain.

fallen leaves of neem tree
lie scattered all over
sensing the
deadly stillness of
within and without.

Deeप्ती (Copyright all rights reserved)

Thursday, 23 April 2015


कश्मकश में हैं शब्द 
जुबां पर आ  गये अगर 
आँखों में सैलाब न उतर जाये तब 
यूँ ही निःशब्दता के आँचल तले 
महफूज़ जी लेंगे सदा 

उफनते जज़्बात 
तूफानों से झूझते 
फंसे अरमानो के भंवर में 
ओढ़ निःशब्दता की चुनरिया 
सुकून पाते मन में 

~ २४/०४/२०१५~ 
Deeप्ती (Copyright all rights reserved)

U n Me!

You and Me
Hand in hand..

Summer breeze
melt the freeze..

silken sheets
lovely beats...

deep sighs
glistening eyes..

crumpled bed
feeling glad..

love filled night

Deeप्ती (Copyright all rights reserved)


Amongst the crowd
He stood tall, very tall,
Unique just like a
Amongst the crowd
As white as milk
As soft as rose
He stood alone
Amongst the crowd
His eyes welled up
Lips quivered
No hand to hold
Amongst the crowd
Yet with head high
Soaring spirit
And all his charisma
He stood like a Unicorn
Amongst the crowd

Deeप्ती (Copyright all rights reserved)

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

The Lost Soul

Scorching heat and sand
burning the feet
sweat on forehead
Oasis nowhere found..

Surrounded by water
stranded by known
toiling towards land
with thoughts to endure...

Engulfed by the vast sky
as it has gone astray
probing for a tree
to rest its weary wings....

enveloped by heads
chained by duties
under the strenuous pressure
lives like a Zombie.....!

~ 22/08/09~
Deeप्ती (Copyright all rights reserved)

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Spring Time

Vacant thoughts engulf me
on a solitary spring morning
mesmerizing with its beauty..

gleeful chirping birds
making home on trees

shepherds are busy
stalking their herd

squirrels are jumping
merrily - tree to tree

tiny skillful ants
trespassing my backyard

marigold is in full bloom
emitting fragrance all around

shining smiling sun is
enveloping the ground.


Deeप्ती (Copyright all rights reserved)


Image result for entangled yarn

Hidden beneath the tarnished corner
Of that Mahogany chestnut
Found the yarn of life
Entangled to the core
If only one open end
Could be found
It could be transformed
To a chaos free ball
From which a shawl of love
Could be woven
Which could shield from

The Tough weather .

Deeप्ती (Copyright all rights reserved)

Monday, 20 April 2015


Listening to the music from his flute
all senses go numb and I go mute
The flowers, the birds and the bees
then, all dance around me
Poison turns to sweet nectar
as you are my only mentor
Oh! My Krishna my savior
you are my reservoir!

Deeप्ती (Copyright all rights reserved)

I know .. But

Image Summer 2014

You will bring flowers for me
To my coffin
I will be not here to smell

You will shed tears
Remembering my love
I will be not here to wipe them

You will beg for my warmth
And promise to give time
I will not be here to understand

You will shower me with love
And try to cheer me
I will be cold and emotionless


Deeप्ती (Copyright all rights reserved)

Sunday, 19 April 2015

A Question ?

The moment when I found my life, to
become as whole....i started growing
turning into a body.
I heard the words 'we're delighted to
hear the news' made me feel so
special and proud

I was lying in my own world
secured and protected;
slowly growing - moment by moment
sleeping and sleeping but still growing.

One day I was horrified
to find myself being
pulled into a tunnel
my warm world was becoming cold
and unbearable..
& I was forcibly being pulled away
from my home.

I came into a strange world
where there was this blinding light
and strange faces beaming bright.
They said I was born.

I felt I was torn.
Was I born?
Was I torn?

~Feb 08~
Deeप्ती (Copyright all rights reserved)

Friday, 17 April 2015

Plea To All

Instead of finding ways to cure
new viruses - to destroy
are being nurtured
what will be our future?

for every small problem
barbarism is the solution
Is it really an answer?
So Is this our future?

Why feel so uncertain
while leaving home in the morning
to return home
is our only concern?

Children ask funny question
Instead of knowing how flowers bloom
they want to know
what was that sound of - Boom?

Gone are the days when
with a simple smile on lips
a country was won
without a weapon..

Let us join hands once again
and revisit those lanes
which carried smiles
fondness and brotherhood.


Deeप्ती (Copyright all rights reserved)

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Orange Hues

Tinge of Red merges with Yellow
to create lovely Orange hues
on the vast canvas
of my symbolic vision
creating outstanding patterns
illuminating the barren
corners with 
Peace and Serenity.

Deeप्ती (Copyright all rights reserved)

Wednesday, 15 April 2015


Humming sound resonates
Deep inside my awareness
Buzzing inside
Making eccentric noise
Numbing within
Demanding to pass
Silently in sleep .


Deeप्ती (Copyright all rights reserved)

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Marital Rape Of A Man

With dreams of Happy life
got married and brought home his wife
with zillion thoughts he entered his room 
only to find his bride sound asleep
was touched to see how at ease she felt
thought himself proud to be called her husband...

morning he woke and got tea ready
waiting anxiously for his bride to see
and appreciate his efforts for her
got a shock when she came grumbling
why was she forced to get awake when
it was only nine in the morning...

In the evening he took her for a stroll
she made sure to push and make him fall
with a look of satisfaction
she laughed like a cunning witch
he took it light and brought her a cute gift
which was thrown away in a quick swift...

he felt his dreams shattering away
the next moment her sensuous kisses
made him forget all around him
hand in hand they returned home
uneasy feeling melt in the heat
everything was calm and sweet...

what more a man would want
then to see his bride respect his Mom
when everything seemed to be sailing smooth
whirlwind came and wrecked his life
weird change was seen in his wife
in the form of a tight slap in front of all...

He could see stars shine in the day
her fingers imprinted on his cheek
then for the next two days..
suddenly mother was cursed for everything
for not cooking, cleaning and all sort of things...

In a jiff she called her mother
and filed a case against him.
he was awestruck to see the change of things
and being pulled to jail for marrying
loving and caring for her...

Is it not 'Marital Rape of a man'
where Love,
Patience and
are crushed.

Deeप्ती (Copyright all rights reserved)


Silent night reverberates
The sound of His warmth
Radiating to capitulate
Her aesthetic gradient
Craving curves

Lonely moonlight now
Yearns for chirping to
Pulsate throughout
Satisfying the ether
Completely …….!!


Deeप्ती (Copyright all rights reserved)

Monday, 13 April 2015



L iving in a mysterious world
I nviting all the emotions
F or thats the way to live
E nveloping us all....

Deeप्ती (Copyright all rights reserved)

Sunday, 12 April 2015


Swirling patterns twirls
Creating mesmerizing prints
In the vestibule of awareness
Intoxicating the souls arena

Radiating sweet aroma .

Deeप्ती (Copyright all rights reserved)

Friday, 10 April 2015

Just The Other Day

Just the other day
looking out of my window

I saw
a baby bird learning to fly
queen bee trying to reach the sky..

I found
a pregnant cloud, hovering over
waiting to bring in a shower..

I cherished
the moments to see the bud
blooming in the beauty..

I longed
to satiate my thirst with
the dew drops on leaves..

I cried
wanting to belong
just the other day at my window......! 

Deeप्ती (Copyright all rights reserved)

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Innocence Lost

Innocent girl of seven
always looked at heaven, 
hoping to get a glimpse
of her father long gone, since... 

No where were colours
which made her paler.
Living among a big family
found herself lonely.

was afraid of demons
did not knew will find one
at the place she called 'home'
could not escape
devil overpowered her... taking away
her innocence, 
making her life colourless.

Demon frightened her so much
she dare not open her mouth.
though her heart, and, 
body wanted to shout.

Oh! what a fate she saw -
was forced to tie the sacred thread.
Her heart bled. She recoiled back
in her cocoon
no body saw
the tears, 
the fears.
Deeप्ती (Copyright all rights reserved)

Wednesday, 8 April 2015


The Music wafting from his flute
Creates ripples deep inside
Pacifying the senses
Mingling with the persona
Merging into cohesion
Evaporating the barriers
From body to soul

Perfect Harmony surrounds!!


Deeप्ती  (Copyright all rights reserved)

Tuesday, 7 April 2015


Astonished and
Comprehends until


Deeप्ती  (Copyright all rights reserved)

नज़रें जो मिली उनसे

नज़रें जब मिलीं उनसे
दिल ख्वाब कुछ यूँ बुनने लगा
पंख पसार दूर तारों की छाओं में
न जाने कितना घूम आया

.. नज़रें जो मिली उनसे
दिल , तरल हो हाथ से फिसलने लगा ..

शीतल नदिया की धार सा
झर झर कुछ यूँ बहने लगा
बिन पतवार की नैया सा
उन्माद में खोने लगा

.. नज़रें जो मिली उनसे
दिल मस्त हो यूँ झूमने लगा ..

नन्ही चिरैया को मिले
हो नए पंख जैसे
बेखौफ आसमान की ऊंचाइयों
को छूने को मचलने लगा

.. नज़रें जो मिली उनसे
नादान ये दिल थिरकने लगा .,,


Deeप्ती  (Copyright all rights reserved)


This time instead of a 
Fretful Friday
they chose a 
Tearful Tuesday 
to crucify their Love..

Amidst the Last Supper Party
both sat cross legged
trying to hide a tear
talking aimlessly
wearing a fake smile..

Longing hearts embraced hating to part
unspoken words lingered
and melted in a  longish kiss
promising only to meet
Forever... again....!!


Deeप्ती (Copyright all rights reserved)

Monday, 6 April 2015


Enveloping in the
Tranquility while


Deeप्ती  (Copyright all rights reserved)


Last night from my wakefulness
I dreamt being a tiny butterfly
Leaping from one fragrant flower to the other
Gathering aromatic nectar
Accumulating the sweetness
In my peaceful perceptions .

Deeप्ती  (Copyright all rights reserved)

Sunday, 5 April 2015


Burdened by the
Raving sensation
Venomous words -



Deeप्ती  (Copyright all rights reserved)