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Friday, 21 March 2014

Mundane Influences ‘WORDS’

They parted with crick
And swirled away
From the vortex of sensations
Wafted with the zephyr
Exhilarated with false vitality
Fail to recall vivacity
Now lie in abyss
Of engorged perspicacity.


Simpler Version
"They separated with the hurt
And swirled away
From the whirlpool of sensations
Floated with the wind
Exhilarated with false liveliness
Fail to recall cheerfulness
Now lie in void
Of inflamed intelligence."

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Mundane Influences

On a solitary day
Once green now yellowed
Descended with the flow

Words littered
Hither and thither
In the waking of a sound

Pinks and purple hues
Gallantly peered
From the parched patch

Whispering coos
Resonated around
Satiating yearning

Crunchy crisp browns
Sear the image
Of absent Bygone.


Thursday, 13 March 2014


Mesmerized by blossoms
All around
Gazing beautiful bounty
Indulging in the
Calmness smeared around

Inspired by the colors
Numbing the senses

Motivated by new energy
Aggregating magic of fragrance  
Remembering meaningful
Conversations whispered in
Happy mellow hearts .


Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Me towards future

Me inside me
Me outside me
Me had a mask
Me from the past
Past is gone
Past was wrong
Wrong looked right
Wrong was life
Life is a mystery
Life is special
Special  dreams
Special hobbies
Hobbies got lost
Hobbies now recovered
Recovered the passion
Recovered happiness
Happiness came late
Happiness now smiles
Smiles returned
Smiles give life
Life that is worthwhile
Life now captured
Captured colors
Captured thoughts
Thoughts form words
Thoughts form shape
Shape defined
Shape came as surprise
Surprise shifts
Surprise gifts
Gifts accumulated
Gifts compiled
Compiled strength
Compiled canvas
Canvas gives shape
Canvas fills space
Space is needed
Space is vast
Vast as sky
Vast are dreams
Dreams unlimited
Dreams touching high
High comes from fulfillment
High is hope
Hope is nurturing
Hope is future
Future happens
Future is life



Poetry prompt #Better Late Then Never#

Poetry form #  Blitz poem