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Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Living in the forest of my dreams
Hoping to find a shiny ray

Carrying my own carcass
Living burdened by it

Walking with heavy steps
On solidified emotions

Locked in the sleet


Thursday, 5 July 2012


"Do you know
It's raining heavily here..."

Wow… Finally…
Go run and get soaked
Let the droplets drape you
Get intoxicated with the aroma
Rising from the earth
Indulge in the freshness
Of shinning shimmering
Greens all around………

"Will you accompany me
In soul…"

Yes…. I will, Now
Go get drench yourself in it
And get wet in the cool sprinkles of life
Let yourself live in the moment
Feel  the rainbow with
Your closed eyes and open heart
Let the colours
Engulf you In…………

"Ah! Yes , you were right
Now I feel alive…"

Didn’t I always said so
It's, Now you Believe….!!