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Thursday, 25 September 2014


Flying aimlessly above the barren land
Watching the vast spread of sands
Wondering about Something
Whispering sweet Nothings
Foggy vaporized observations
Clouding the arena of awareness
Misty hovering droplets
Hazy incensed sunrays
Heavy wilting wings
Ancient song it sings
Simmering hallucinating eyes
Dreaming visionary skies
Looking for a sparkling piece of land
To relax lastly in harmony.


Monday, 8 September 2014

MYSTERY (An Acrostic)

Meandering scanty greens
Yet so calm and
Enchants the
Richness of
Youthful  times .


Wednesday, 3 September 2014



मोती सी मासूम बूँदे
ठंडी शीतल नाज़ुक बूँदे
टप-टप बरसी छम-छम

केशों पर आ अटकी बूँदे
ललाट से अधरों पर
आ थमी, मुस्काती बूँदे

नन्ही कोपल पर मचलती
इठलाती और फिसलती
ये शर्मीली बूँदे

धरती में समाती
हरियाली फैलाती
जीवन से भरी बूँदे

तेरे प्यार सी चमकती 
खुशबू उड़ाती 
ये नन्ही चंचल बूंदे 

"बंद हो जाएँ जो सीप में 
तो बन जाती हैं मोती ये बूंदे "



With me

Walk with me
In sun
In rain
In shade
On a chilly morning
At dawn
At dusk
You must
Laugh with me
In love
In pain
When lost
When gained
In life
From inside
Just reside
Grow with me
In wrongs
In rights
In lights
In plights
In troubles
In bubbles
Simply giggle.


Monday, 1 September 2014


Surrounded by Serenity
Amidst the greens
Golden light revealed
The essence of life

Spreading calmness around
Life speaks volume
As silence surrounds

Mysteries get unfold
Between Blues and Greens

Light … Awakens!!