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Friday, 30 October 2015

Love you

Day 30 - Today's Prompt Sensitivity.. I loved the prompt as it is on this auspicious day of our Festival "KarwaChauth" .. women observe a fast (without food and water and after looking at moon in the evening break their fast) for their Husbands for their long Life, Love and  Success.I went with the Prompt "I Love.."
'Henna' 2015

I love the look in your eyes
Mischievous and impish
Stirring something deep inside

I love the touch of your hand
Warm and caring
Surging pleasant presence

I love the soothing sound of you
Melodious and comforting
Crafting aura of comfort

I love your arms around me
Blanketing and heartening
Assuring privileged lifetime

I love you in my life
Adoring and encouraging
Making me complete.


©Copyright Deeप्ती


  1. Lovely write. Sweet and romantic.

  2. The love in this really moved me!

  3. such a sweet poem,
    I'm sure she is well received.

  4. What a wonderful ode to love!
    I've fasted for medical reasons before, but never spiritual ones. There's such a different energy to the act when it is done to feed the spirit rather than deprive the body.

    1. Wanda , This is our festival month. On this day moon is worshiped . Yes indeed different form of energy surges inside.

      Thnx a lot .. Hope to see you next year too.