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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Living for Life

Live not for compromises
Live not for happy endings
Live for sweet nothings.

For life is not complicated
For life is not mundane
Life is a merry song.

“Live not for Battles Won
Live not for The-End-Of-The-Song
Live in the along.”

For life is not to be wasted
For life is not to be tested

Life is to Live.

Live not to survive
Live not to overpower
Live to empower.

For life is not for winnings
For life is not for regrets
Life is a beauty embed.


# Prompt given at #OctProWriMo Day 14 .We are given ten quotes to choose from and I chose

“Live not for Battles Won.
Live not for The-End-of-the-Song.
Live in the along.”
― Gwendolyn Brooks
 Though I was not able to participate for the last 13 days I tried my hand today.


  1. Well done! I love that you integrated it into the middle. It's good you added the quote, I wouldn't have guessed which part was yours and which wasn't.

    1. Well I am happy that you likes the way ..
      Thnx for your visit .

  2. I like this, that you embedded the quote into the poem instead of just responding to it or putting it in the beginning. It's also a beautiful reminder.

  3. Absolutely stunning poem Dee.Liked the alignment of the words LIVE FOR LIFE :)

  4. I really like how you've done this. Live not for this, live not for that, but live for something positive! Well written. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes Positivity is what makes us Enjoy life.

  5. yes life is not about winnings or for regrets..lovely poem..lovely lines.