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Tuesday, 21 October 2014


Day 22 OctPoW

Engulfed by the sweet fragrance

Radiating from the flora and fauna

Senses got submerged

Encouraged the vague vibes

On the crisscross of reality and vision

Elated by the sophisticated pattern

Of nebula of sensations

Searing high.



  1. I haven't been able to feel "lost" on a walk like this in far too long. There are always too many people about, and their dogs. This is why I used to walk in cemeteries, when I lived near one. It wasn't because I was being morbid, it was because it was quiet. I always preferred the old ones.
    I went to visit my father's grave, and it wasn't long before there were other people about. I felt a bit sad as I hoped to have some peace to think about things for a while.
    These are the things your fine poem made me think of!

    1. Well I am glad I could make you stop and ponder few things. Thanks