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Thursday, 16 October 2014


Day 16 of OctProWriMo 2014

‘Once upon a time’
On a shaky canvas  
Colors dissipated and
Words got fragmented
With the tipsy breeze
In the whirlpool of
Quivering thoughts
Rekindling the bygones
With vaporized swirling
Wringing emotions.

Only yesterday
Canvas found its gleam
In varied hues of Pearls
Smiling vivaciously
Misting the background
Leaving its merry mark
Flying with the Rainbow
In sparkling dew drops
Fulfilling the dreams
‘And they’ smiled Forever.


# Today's Prompt was traditional 'Once upon a time' beginning and 'and they' ending. At the very first look I loved the prompt. I played with emotions and feelings (dark/Light).


  1. I like how this reminds me of a painting, with your Canvas and "and they smiled forever." Great job!

  2. What a beautiful, peaceful poem! Also, I love your choice of photo.
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  3. Oh, this is absolutely stunning. Very impressive poetry.