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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Patterns in vision

Scribbling on a notepad
Scribbling nonsensical patterns
Patterns reflecting life
Patterns radiating existence
Existence of a soul
Existence of a being
Being merry always
Being truly sensitive
Sensitive to thoughts
Sensitive towards humanity
Humanity survives
Humanity makes us alive
Alive from the core of the heart
Alive at every step
Step up the ladder
Step down to kindness
Kindness is needed
Kindness heals
Heals the wound
Heals the soul
Soul is pure
Soul is truth
Truth is a winner
Truth rules
Rules to be obeyed
Rules not to be broken
Broken promises
Broken words
Words have meaning
Words are silent
Silent images
Silent night
Night sings along
Night brings stars
Stars of my eye
Stars in the sky
Sky is blue
Sky is vast
Vast landscapes
Vast thoughts 
Thoughts sometimes hurt
Thoughts bring memories
Memories are locked
Memories are stored
Stored happiness
Stored vision
Vision of new openings
Vision of life


©Copyright Deeप्ती


  1. Wonderfully written. Big smiles.

  2. Wonderful, chain of ideas in a poetic fashion!
    Beautiful post. :)

  3. I love how each thought flows on to the next - and this is a much longer attempt at the challenge than you usually go for :) Leanne @ cresting the hill

    1. Yes Leanne its #Blitz Form of Poetry where there are 48 lines and it goes as aa bb cc.... and in the end last word of 48th line becomes 49th line and last word of 48th line becomes 50th line..

  4. Your title hooked me as I have had a eye test today which included numbers and 3-D image patterns. A creative chain of ideas in your lines puts a different perspective of patterns you can see.

    1. haha yes it does Bob.. hope u have perfect vision. take care

  5. Oh, I love this. I want to print it out on a poster and stick it to my wall.

    1. Please go ahead .. I will be honoured to have my write on someone's wall .. :)