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Sunday, 17 April 2016

Musings of Seasons

All around the flowers bloom
In all colours and hues
Chirping envelops the aura
Nests are seen everywhere

With the glowing hot sun
Summer sets in
With lovely mangoes and lychees
Soothing hats, umbrellas and glares

With humid winds
Greens are all bare
Strewn across the earth
Fallen time waits to shoot

White is the color all over
With mufflers and heaters
Sun shines weakly
Spreading warmth all around

Season comes and goes
Filling our lives
With rainbows of memories
To cherish forever.


©Copyright Deeप्ती


  1. Very very nice. I love reading what you pen. Thanks for sharing Deepti. Your home screen is so calming and words are evocative

    1. Thnx a lot Anupama for your kind words.