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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Marital Rape Of A Man

With dreams of Happy life
got married and brought home his wife
with zillion thoughts he entered his room 
only to find his bride sound asleep
was touched to see how at ease she felt
thought himself proud to be called her husband...

morning he woke and got tea ready
waiting anxiously for his bride to see
and appreciate his efforts for her
got a shock when she came grumbling
why was she forced to get awake when
it was only nine in the morning...

In the evening he took her for a stroll
she made sure to push and make him fall
with a look of satisfaction
she laughed like a cunning witch
he took it light and brought her a cute gift
which was thrown away in a quick swift...

he felt his dreams shattering away
the next moment her sensuous kisses
made him forget all around him
hand in hand they returned home
uneasy feeling melt in the heat
everything was calm and sweet...

what more a man would want
then to see his bride respect his Mom
when everything seemed to be sailing smooth
whirlwind came and wrecked his life
weird change was seen in his wife
in the form of a tight slap in front of all...

He could see stars shine in the day
her fingers imprinted on his cheek
then for the next two days..
suddenly mother was cursed for everything
for not cooking, cleaning and all sort of things...

In a jiff she called her mother
and filed a case against him.
he was awestruck to see the change of things
and being pulled to jail for marrying
loving and caring for her...

Is it not 'Marital Rape of a man'
where Love,
Patience and
are crushed.

Deeप्ती (Copyright all rights reserved)


  1. I didn't expect the story to go that direction. Very different.

    1. Well cleemckenzie sometimes stories do have a twisted end.. though it is entirely different that these kind of cases are quiet common these days.

  2. An interesting poem. What a shame. Thanks for sharing. Cher'ley from Writing Wranglers and Warriors. We're part of the A to Z Challenge

    1. Thanks a lot Cher'ley.. Yes indeed it is a shame but partly truth too.. nad truth is ugly most of the times that is why people do not like it much :)

  3. Very Emotional poem Deepti, I wasn't expecting to read it, and never thought about a marriage from that angle before. Well done.

    1. Thanks a lot Kalysta Rose for your read. This is Bitter Part of life too.. Life is not always about sweet melodies sometime ugly notes too are seen.