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Sunday, 12 April 2015


Swirling patterns twirls
Creating mesmerizing prints
In the vestibule of awareness
Intoxicating the souls arena

Radiating sweet aroma .

Deeप्ती (Copyright all rights reserved)


  1. FRIST!*
    …good word choice!… I struggled with finding a 'K' word, when I saw this I hit the side of my head with the heel of my hand and said, 'of course!'

    * 'FRIST' is the word used to claim 'first comment'…. something that many of value… something about getting to a post first. the spelling comes from the early days of my commenting on other people's posts, I got so excited that I got to a very popular bloggers Post before anyone else had, I type: Frist Comment! lol

    1. Thnx a lot Clark .. and yes I do value ur claim FIRST ..

  2. Beautiful verse and apt word choice too! I enjoyed this piece quite a bit!