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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Forever Loved

Intricate patterns swishing
From one end to the other
Captivated by zephyr
Dances like ‘Natraj’
Embracing fondly
Oozing warmth
Tattered with harshness
Tarnished with roughness
Cocooned in the dark corners
Lies helplessly
Crying to engulf
Once again
Emitting sweet aroma
Of love and grace.

Shivering hands
Caress its crease
Warm saline spills
With fond remembrance
Of lost joyful times
Only to relive
The serenity
Which washes over
The trickling stench
Of obliteration
Sensing warmth
From my dearest
A priceless gift
O ‘ dear ‘Scarf’.


#Mini Poetry Prompt - Forever Loved.