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Monday, 30 September 2013

Canvas and colours

From the depths of my waking dreams
I pluck the various blooming flowers
Only to crush them for my brush
To paint the canvas of my life

From the vast abandoned main lands
I scrape the mud and rocks
To pelt them on my thoughts
Of soaring altitude

From the Zenith of my ingenuity
I bring colours and scheme
To spawn the images
Of my dexterity .



  1. These blooming flowers that you mentioned reminds me of Flowers of Palash :)

  2. Loved the way you connected life with the colours :)

  3. Resounding phrase " Waking Dream "
    a concept returns again and again to philosophers
    and surrealist artists.
    You demolished the gap between Reality and illusion and the abandoned both
    with ease. Superb !!