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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Me towards future

Me inside me
Me outside me
Me had a mask
Me from the past
Past is gone
Past was wrong
Wrong looked right
Wrong was life
Life is a mystery
Life is special
Special  dreams
Special hobbies
Hobbies got lost
Hobbies now recovered
Recovered the passion
Recovered happiness
Happiness came late
Happiness now smiles
Smiles returned
Smiles give life
Life that is worthwhile
Life now captured
Captured colors
Captured thoughts
Thoughts form words
Thoughts form shape
Shape defined
Shape came as surprise
Surprise shifts
Surprise gifts
Gifts accumulated
Gifts compiled
Compiled strength
Compiled canvas
Canvas gives shape
Canvas fills space
Space is needed
Space is vast
Vast as sky
Vast are dreams
Dreams unlimited
Dreams touching high
High comes from fulfillment
High is hope
Hope is nurturing
Hope is future
Future happens
Future is life



Poetry prompt #Better Late Then Never#

Poetry form #  Blitz poem 


  1. I was writing one Blitz poem and I came on hope n just remembered our poem that we scribbled while chatting years ago and the doodle too..hope made me smile.. :) and Life happens..yes,it does!

  2. I love blitz poems, and this one is so good.

    1. Thanks a lot .. This form is actually full of fun.

  3. So glad you tried the blitz form, it is one of my favorites. Well done!

    1. Thanks a lot Morgan. This is an old one ..though I did write for yesterday's prompt too.. thanks for wonderful prompts.