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Tuesday, 8 June 2021

Unforgettable Childhood Games

"Hey, Mishti... Hey.. hey.. listen.. come on . Let's play our favourite game. Aunt Sonam has gone to the market. See, I got this piece of chalk.." Tabbu smiled mischievously holding a small piece of chalk.

'kilkil kante' was their favourite game. In which they chose a surface, like cupboard, table, chair... Etc etc, and make hidden marks, with a chalk. And the opponent must find all the marks in a speculated time. Well.. Yes it was kind of their 'Treasure Hunt game'. 

Their Aunt Sonam was a meritorious  medical student.. she ensured that all kids at home must give their hundred percent to studies. She despised their innocent game. 

She was a tall slim woman, with sharp features and lovely smooth wheatish complexion. She had straight long hair which touched her knees. In all she was an intelligent beautiful beauty.

According to her .. this 'Stupid' game was played by the street kids. BUT,  Mishti and Tabbu loved to invest their time playing their own miniature version of treasure hunt. They could spend hours playing it. After all,.. the loser used to buy icecream for the other. Ahem..ahem.. that was a HUGE incentive.

"Wow really.. she has gone to the market.. I know she will take atleast 2 to 3 hours to return. Let's play. Yayy!" 

Both happily left their books and rushed to the terrace. Today, they had selected a wooden cupboard on terrace, which stored pillows and mattresses for the night.

Summer nights were absolutely fun. Everybody slept on the terrace... Right under the dark blanket full of sparkling diamonds.. and one big white dimond, which changed shapes everyday.

In the evening the terrace was sprinkled with water to let the heat evaporate and thereby, it got ready to spread the matresses.. 

An earthen pot was filled with water and left there... After an hour or so ... With magic.. it had the coolest aromatic water.. water tasted like the Best cool drink. 

To jump and roll on all the matress at one go was the happiest game they had ever enjoyed. Mishti loved to gaze at the stars and form different patterns joining the sparkly dots with her imaginary pencil on the skyline.


They had started their game when suddenly Tabbu shrieked.. "àaa" 

Mishti looked up to Tabbu.. and turned white immediately.. to her horror..
Aunt Sonam was standing behind and  pinching Mishti's ear.

"How come you have come so early??" Mishti asked crying with pain.

"Ahaa.. so.. you wait for me to go out and play This game... Why can't you play better games..?? Like Chess, Carom, badminton, Guess Guess..." Aunt Sonam was furious... "It was good that I returned home.. and caught you in the act.."

Mishti and Tabbu were feeling sorry now.. they admitted it was bad of them to wait for her to go out..

"Well.. Now when you both are sorry I must tell you that, I returned because I remembered.. you both wanted to see Movie Jungle Book." Smiling she continued "Come.. let's get ready and we will go together to watch it. I bought the tickets already. And promise me... you will play good games."

" Yes we promise Aunty.. but, if we want to play this game sometimes .. will you let us play for just once in a week..maybe.." Tabbu asked sheepishly.

Aunt laughed heartily and hugged them both.." see... now you know, how to do things. If you want to do something then it should never be done in hiding. I love you both"

Both smiled and said sorry and never to repeat.. a lesson learnt well in abundance ....with Love.. ❤️


Sunday, 6 June 2021


Inside a cage
She lived
Not aware of
The world
So bright.
She saw
Flying high
In the sky.
Her wings
But did not
Her cage
Was small
And tiny
Walls touched
Her clipped
Who are those
In the sky?
Her heart yearns
To fly one day.
Is there a heaven
My cage
An illusion I see?


Wednesday, 2 June 2021


Walking on the barren land
Far away eyes see, only sand
Empty heart filled with grains
No vegetation could sustain
Cactus stands tall around
Eagles lurch from behind
Vacant eyes and dried tears
Parched lips cries in despair
Thirsty soul wanders around
Waiting for a soothing sound.

Thursday, 20 May 2021

Waiting for Rain

Sweet petrichor melting insides
Parched Earth heaves a sigh
Brown grass looks up at heaven
Pregnant cloud is ready to burst open
Cuckoo sings along the gentle Zephyr
'His Flute' plays a serene tune
T'is time for the healings to begin...


Sunday, 16 May 2021


On a mission
In search of unknown
Life travels
Finding answers...

Dreadful experiences
Ferments the emotions
Brewing further questions
Churning insides....

On the horizon
Sky turns red
Life falls like 'Dominos'
Prayers floats around...

Hear me O' Lord
Let the Sun shine
As before
Let us Heal ... 🙏



Thursday, 13 May 2021


Walking aimlessly on the fallen leaves in her garden, Shruti, was in deep thought.

Wind was rustling sweet melodies... Leaves danced in the air before falling at her feet. New leaves and flowers peeked behind the stems. Birds chirped gaily fluttering their wings.

Soft brown tereses danced with the wind.. they reached her mid back like a veil .. her matching eyes twinkled with first love sensations... 

She was an introvert and thought no one really cared.. but she was wrong.. the most handsome boy in her batch approached her and said she had the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen.
With this he handed her a White Rose.
Remembering his words she blushed again.

Her light blue duppata swirled with the smooth wind entangling her hair. With a gentle move she brushes aside  the wild strands which captured her face.

Ahaa... What a beauty she spots.. on the rose wine there was a single Pink flower.. smiling at her, saying as if 'see my colour is matching your mood.. my fragrance is enhancing your emotions'

She smiled at the rose as if it was the love of her life..